A Visit With Hoya sp IML 557?? (Hoya amoena)?

A four minute video visit with a plant that I grew for five years as Hoya sp IML 557. I now believe that it came with an incorrect name and may actually be H. amoena. What ever its true moniker may be, it is a truly lovely plant.


icke11234: Looks like it could be this exact plant: http://plantanica.se/hoya-amoena-java-iml-1038-orotad
Glad I have it too, yay! Guess what I bought it as: "Hoya parasitica 003". They couldn't get more moronic with their names, could they?

Lynda Forbes: Doug would it be possible to purchase a cutting of this plant? I've been looking for it and cannot find it! It sure is beautiful!