I KILL TANK WITH 907 K HighScore!!! Diep.io

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jackisback: You are so bad and let me tell you why you spawn kill you think that your so good cause you killed a guy trapped with 3 people around him wow you are so bad

Sylvester & Louix Konrad-Chazique: Do you ever get the feeling that you don't know what tank to use

Gabriel Basit: Wow Godzilla spawn killer :(
I hate it

Bonk: Such a noob... Spawn kills, stole the kill, 'teamed up' to get the kill, and ran away from the triplets like a little bitch. I hope the triplet killed you, that or a landmine.

Joško Mlikota: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee serbijane

Fernando Sama: Godzilla noob, 2 vs 1

RMF: Fuckin noob, you just had to use a nub spammer class like the sprayer. Be a man and use a drone class to kill that highscore overlord, but sadly ur too pussy to. Also, he kinda got 2v1ed and got cancer from you, so don't feel like you accomplished something cunt

Stanislawa winiarska: Godzilla id nobb

Toby Matthews: I killed a 990k leader is a lvl 18 twin

SuperGamerPro Matthew: what sone name

Wg Baptiste: Normal guys you suck

Wg Baptiste: Normal fûts tout suck

milojka vukosavljevic: serbo,jesi to ti!?

Nightmarex: You're not impressive at all, just a witch hunting piece of trash that clickbaits. Other players learn from you, don't witch hunt people.

DockWonder: Kills a 907.7k tank
But only gets 23.6k points
Nice maths


Heckin Doge: You spawncamp?? Sad.

Rijag YT: I kill tank have 1m 5 score

Лев Ливинцев: не плохо но музыка откровенное говно

franz Dumz: awesome shots