Hand Feeding Zebra Finch Chick

A short instructional video on handfeeding finches. Here a Zebra finch chick receives a meal.


Tiffany Haley: What type of food is best for baby (zebra finch) chicks?

kali Gopi krishnan k: gopi

Marline Harrold: Lovely video. :D

[]Mochi zukiii[]: This dude knows you gotta take care of birds as if they were your own babies or children

Mahua Roy Roy: so so cute little angel

Charlie Mätur: How many times do you have to feed them?

Veroneka Ayman: ممكن حد ييفدني انا عندي جوز عصافير زيبرا المفروض جايباهم ذكر و انثى...بس لما دخلت ع النت الفرق بين الذكر والأنثى غير اللي عندي خالص ...كدا انا أخد بكلام النت ولا ايه؟؟؟؟؟؟

Wert Yuio: what is the food name

Carolina Paolillo: Oooooh I love your cup!!!! 😍

Mieszko Polish Roadie Boy: 🐥🍼

소윤서준tv: so cute

Umair Ansari: Why they dont feed them chick

pubg gaming: Wooooooooooooow

djjohnnyt: ❤️🌟

Salman Chaudhary: How cute it is

hello guys hello guys: Cute

Anne Janssen: Hey im not sure if you still answer these questions but please do

I have one baby zebra finch I believe it's a day or 5 old? Im not sure because there in a volière and mom and dad zebrafinche where taking care of it

2 days ago the zebrafinche mom escaped. She didnt come back. Dad zebrafinch has been taking care of the little one (he is also going afther a other female). He feeds it (enough I guess). This morning I touched the little baby (to see if it was dead) it was alive but cold. The dad sits on the baby ive seen it but also goes away for a long time. Can this be because he doesn't have a female to raise the baby together? What should I do? Get the baby out or leave it in the volière so the dad can feed it?

Funny High: Too tiny,,,, haha love it,,, 😍

Sayyed Asadullah Shah Husayni: You are a amazing person

Angel Marie Jones: Hi, I have an egg of a house finch that i found in my garden yesterday, i tho it was a baby at first it wasnt flying away & i didnt wnat to leave it for a cat to get, so i put it in a box with some hay and dry worms, the next morning it laid an egg, but sadly flew off and left it behind, as i tried to move them both into a nesting box..she hasnt come back for it & I have put the egg in a box in and around some hay & it is in my cabin keeping warm, if its hatches how many times do i need to feed it? & can it be released into the wild?