Diablo III - Install Music (New Tristram Theme)

This is how it will look on May 15th.


gambikules: diablo 1 tristram best

F: 2:52 :D

Andrew Tozier: One of the reasons I love this game franchise so much is because of the music. It is instantly identifiable, i.e. it could ONLY be a Diablo game. Also, it is so well composed. Haunting, atmospheric, brooding, emotional. Fantastic stuff. 

Christian O.: 2:53

Sam Deluxe: the last of us themesong

רון שטראוס: Nah I stopped playing video games some time ago. Thanks for the tip tho.

Adriel: Dont waste your time and money. Stick to d2 lod

Adriel: You clearly havent played the origional Diablo's and if you have, you must have sucked dick at it and dont even know what currency was. Not that thats valid to you beating them.Diablo 3 was shit gameplay and dialogue sucked with the story. if the story fails so does dialogue. The gameplay was weak and had no customization or building from scratch. You could swap anything anytime with no penalisation. Auctionhouse removed face to face bartering which was shit and gold as currency was shit.

smalljj: This tristram ost is the best in d3 but d2 and 1 are more better.

Bogdan Alexandru Lamba: Absolutely agree. And i believe this happens cause it feels (and it is) so scripted. Besides the maps not being generated as in D2 (even d1) is a minus from my point of view. Anyway these minuses not to be mistaken as arguments for d3 a bad game. It's wonderful but could have been as blizz often likes to say EPIC>

pilus87: no it's not, both the game, and the tristram soundtrack ...

TheShark4VGR: 19 people don't know how to stay a while and listen....

elephantee deck: It's the same as the beginning of a rogue legacy bossfight theme lol :D.

UnstableCore: Hh yes absolutely. Its as if some teams with specific goals had it down good as others did not know what the hell they were doing.

ElvenMan: Funny how the install music is more interesting than the ingame music, or the game.. after completed on n/n/h/i difficulty.

Mitchell Bird: the gameplay was good, the dialogue is fantastic, the story was weak in certain key parts which ruined the mood for it(no character development for Leah, therefor no emotional attachment. Cain's death was unfitting. the overall mood for the game, more adventurous than fearful. (lost the old diablo 1 and 2 aspect) the game was too short, let's face it, it should have been 16 acts. they could have added more classes but i'm not too concerned with that considering the ones done were done well.

DerisedEgami: This isn't bad, at all. Line up all three parts of Tristram, and you've got a nice track.

The Hiver: This looks like a long installation

LegacYakaMK: totally agreee. such a letdown, the other tracks :/ but I knew it would be like that. switching composer isnt such a good idea

bnbnolimit: Diablo III is almost installing. all keep keyboard and mouse.