Fishmonger - World of Warcraft Fishing bot in BFA Battle for Azeroth

Updated 10/04/18: Version 2.032 of Fishmonger is available for download. This allows the user to rename all the active windows to make them unique, and removes some of the restrictions on the trial mode. Also, the default file name has changed. Fishmonger version 2.030+ is working great in WoW's latest expansion, BFA [Battle for Azeroth] Fishing is a "unique" profession which requires the user to stand in one spot and click on moving objects. Yay! What fun! Now with Fishmonger, you can sit back, relax and watch your character automate the process and fish for you while you multitask and be a slightly more productive human. Fishmonger has been around for several years and has options to work on Vanilla and WOTLK private servers, as well as WOD, Legion and the latest version, BFA. Fishmonger is free to download and try. Good video to watch to help your setup: Great video for BFA general fishing info: It starts off in trial mode which provides limited function and does not cost anything. If you like what you see and want to try the full version, send me your Fishmonger ID # and I will give you codes to try out the full version before you buy it. I don't want anyone to pay for something if they don't 100% approve of it. All purchased codes are non-refundable, so verify it works on your computer BEFORE paying me. Fishmonger is a botting program which is against the TOS of the game. Use at your own risk. I can't be held responsible for irresponsible fishing habits [fishing for hours at a time or overnight, etc...] or for the usage of your account. Fishmonger has never been involved in a ban wave, but that doesn't mean it is 100% safe. No bot is 100% safe. If anyone tells you a bot is 100% safe they are lying. Bot at your own risk. If you find this information helpful please show your support with a thumbs up, hit that bell to stay notified. Also, a donation of some hashpower to my Nicehash address or coin wallets is always appreciated. I can never have too many coffees or tasty beers! =======Crypto Donations======= Nicehash: 3NHBAaRAxexSouXpSJYs7NoTdft21M7GB5 Bitcoin BTC: 1Q1LBSzmCXSgx6QxwMQpwARCRWL6XBr9rB Litecoin LTC: LeKdeVRFdb5upn5VW92CBmdxvBE7MABpqW Ethereum ETH: 0xC791b2EaAC5f627c028FDbCe1F56b6306F86b936 Zcash ZEC: t1gD8JJuSWVhh5PZVnKoKyScomCK65ujuJK Paypal: =======Great Website for Video Card Hunting======= Questions? Comments? Post down below or hit me up at my email, =======Some of my Software======= GUI for the DSTM equihash miner:


Uncultured Swine: Tested the bot for 10 days.
Author sent me a code via email (almost instantly), felt I would write a review for kindly letting me try it out.

My review:
- Bot works like a charm - left if overnight 3x for 5-6 hours and when I came back it was still fishing strong (I think i caught close to 5-6k fish but I legit don't know).
- Expected it to be slightly resource intensive but it is not, very lightweight piece of software which does not bog down your processor by any means.
- Requires 5 minutes to initially setup but it is well worth it (+ well explained via pdf and video).
- Customizable beyond belief; author has gone the extra mile designing a clean graphical user interface which allows users to modify virtually anything to their liking/specific situation (Advanced Options).
- Worked in all 3 Horde Zandalar zones (day and night), all you need to do is adjust the bobber color sensitivity (depending on sea/environment color) and movement sensitivity (depending on size/distance of bobber) and you're set to go for hours of fishing uninterrupted. Adjusting these values is SUPER EASY if you know what the adjustment bars do, if you do not know it's just a very quick trial of error (takes 2 minutes) to find a setup that works and it will NEVER miss a cast (in my experience). Some spots might be tricky ex: fishing in a patch of sea irradiated by moonlight but can easily find another spot just a few seconds away.
- Author clearly cares about this bot, has put a ridiculous amount of time in writing a very good EXTERNAL bot and goes out of his way to make videos and give 10 day trials which is ridiculous for something this good.

Thank you for the free trial Fishmonger!

Jose Perdomo: Installed it and it doesn't work for me. It just keeps casting the bobber after a few seconds of cast time. Tried changing to window mode, turning off all my mods, going into 1st person.

Hidden One: Isn't this cheating...?

Ragi Gira: After instructions everything set, success after 2 hours whole 2 fish. Is probably still in the "beta phase" and is financed with purchases that are not justified. THEREFORE NOT BUYING PAYS "STILL" NOT.

Space Memes: I don't understand. Mine wont work on free trial. it either just constantly recasts the line or just doesnt click the fish. It clicked it the first time i tried it maybe once or twice then it just wouldnt click at all or just click the wrong place causing much frustration. HELP

gnsgml11: i'm trying this out but when the bobber moves the bot misses it when it tries to click it. like the mouse hovers slightly to the left of the bobber

James Daymord: Should I use Fishmonger with an other account ?

Ghosty72401: Cannot get this too work, just keeps recasting over and over. I have fiddled with the settings but cannot manage to figure it out

Gizmolove: can u do other actions like playing your mainaccount and using bot with 2nd account?

Slow LittleOceanWave: The window 3 seems to not allow me to click through it? to get the bobber, it knows when it needs to but when it does it clicks and it stops on the window 3 not clicking the client, i am on windows 7 and im in windowed mode. Please help?

Stay KetoAF: Tested the bot and loved it the first couple days, but now running into a couple of issues. Hopefully I can figure these out so I can possibly get the full bot.
-Window 3 does not always load. I find myself having to delete the file under program files and reload the bot. This SOMETIMES helps.
-Now Im running into my toon constantly casting every couple seconds, so now the bot is unusable.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Pascal Hüser: how can i enable the "Do not Disturb" box and change the "Do not Disturb Message"?

Александр Соболев: It work with WOW client in russian language. So don't need to change anything. Working great. Thank you.

De Gyldne BrumBasser: It doesn't work for me, it just says you can't attack that. I've followed the linked video on how to setup, and still it doesn't work.

SkitZ GaminG: so this is working still in bfa? will it profit me much gold?

John Hauf: Dowbloaded it, loved it. Time ran out and now I'm wanting to get more..can you assist?

Henrik Virtanen: Will i get banned for using this?

Noisy Boy: From what I have try of this really great after you get it down and know what your doing just waiting on my reply with my keys :)

kevljani: Sent you an Email.. <3 <3

Steve Bell: How long does even a response take. Paid sub. Followed directions. Nothing. Works great fish qty. on free is killing me.

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