Polysoude Orbital Welding Stainless test from Westermans

All orbital welding equipment in stock can be found at: http://www.westermans.com/OrbitalSystems.aspx Polysoude Autotig 204 Orbital Welder Description: welding head been configured to tube to tube and tube to plate 9.5 to 63.5mm MU2500 Mains Input 3 Phase 200 to 469 Volts 50 OR 60 Hz O.C.V 105 Welding Range 250 amps @ 60%, 190 amps @ 100% Pulse Frequency 10 to 9999ms Programs in user memory 16 and printer read out Display 4 lines of 20 characters, with 8 characters to the designation of programs Display of real values during cycle arc voltage, welding current, impulses of movement 60 Built in programs stored in the machine memory Operational Manuals L890mm x W500mm x H890 Weight 100 kg Ideal machine for tube and pipe welding Polysoude AutoTig 140P Orbital TIG Power source demo: http://youtu.be/OMq5_Ku-F3Y


Life Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au751AkRueI

Westermans International: Tube and pipe - Polysoude orbital welding demo from Westermans