Gmod DUSK BALL Pokeball Pokemon Weapon Mod! (Garry's Mod)

Immortalkyodai and I play Garry's Mod and play with the Pokémon Dusk Ball Swep! This mod includes a Pokeball Weapon that allows you to capture NPCs and use them for battle! Watch as we do all sorts of silly things with this mod! Thanks for watching! Subscribe and join the adventure! Pokeball: Mabe Village: T-shirts -- UK: EU: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Music: Matt McFarland


Kendall's Kinz: I would catch BTS because they never come near my state!

Ben Gipson: you you sal be min

Ethan Khoo: I’m gonna catch an ash
(Edittted) actually I’m gonna catch a Phoenix

malia price: I would catch golden Freddy

Jax Figliola: U S E O F A I D

ashley schmitt: Lucario

Matthias Imig: I would catch the hulk

SuperGodzilla GV: I'd catch Sanic

Demetrius Johnson: my girlfriend XD

u r sent to jazz: Papa achachala

Hunter Willan: The best pokemon there would be those headcrab zombies

Jolande Strydom: You would be the best pokemon

Jolande Strydom: I would catch you!!!!!!!!!

but bonnie: My sister

Casey Rutherford: 0:00 Barnes is a dinosaur from vents imagination
And when he's here we like to call him a meme sensation

Apple Zap: I remember this from 5 years

Devin Ryan: a fox

Nacey Spieldenner: you

sam sun: Cappy

Emma B: PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!!!