Legion Frost DK one shot macro ? LoL + Ret Paladin Arena plays - Savix

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Jack gaffnie: *one shots people with frost dk "this class is stupid" plays paladin puts music on and runs around with 20k hp left the entire time on his gay ass mount "this class is fucking epic"

UndeadCoo: 한국사람이에요? Savix님의 친구이름 때문에 Savix님도 한국사람인 것 같애요.

Skrillex plays: 2:40 GREAT MANNNNNNNNNN

AlCa Syls: thats so funny xD

Astrojack: guys i am rerolling from feral coz its not fun anymore, what class should i pick between this? ret pala/dk/fire mage/affli for 2s 3s and rbgs? pls pls help me comunity! :( and u savix. pls be sincere

Derrick Head: wow wtf no class should hit that hard but ret my favorite class but damn might have to roll dk this one lol

Tom As: So easy to kill frost mage with Paladin! xD

RazieL: remember the times when frost mage was the counter to a ret paladin... pepperidge farm remembers...

sanic: damn dude lol

galtar364: Arempy
Game Designer
Just a heads up - the damage of Frost Breath from Sindragosa's Fury was reduced by 60% in PvP combat via a hotfix yesterday.

Iliao: Dks openis

Helven Squall: brb checking +Hazzed Gaming for dk one shot

Nate Shrager: lol that ability did zero damage now it one shots. thats not a new macro just overtuned ability lol

Ryan Le Vie: reminds me of season 5... i miss them

Lvladen PvP: LoooooooLLLL DKs always with the crazy damage haha nice vid

Attila Orbán: Savix master! :3

AlteredFaith: GD's man, not to knock on your music but i enjoy when you put commentary to it. Helps understand whats going on in your head. Keep up the good work!

Charles Scott: that last duel vs that mage was painful to watch......the lack of mobility is just painful.

Chocolate Cumprimenta: Those one shots are so stupid and melee mobility so high, wtf blizzard is gonna do with this? I'm worried about pvp in Legion...

Hazzed Gaming: Bahahahaa!!!! :D