How to get terraria worlds no root/pc (Apple/Android) *DOWNLOAD LINK* *DELETING IN 24 HOURS*

DL Link:!c0NhxbYB!Jl6YdrvpZK-M0GLWPfojpwVukQVsmXIDrFR9ou4PGjM Share this video! put the .cs and .csmeta files in your terraria folder!


xX_APKgamer_Xx X: u are genius

Fry - CSGO Frag Movies: Can you please make a tutorial?

Fry - CSGO Frag Movies: Syntaxual can you please get an all items world from your drive and share it in these comments or on my gmail. (If gmail ask for it I dont wanna type it straight away) I have all the stuff Ive looked for weeks for a .csworld but havent found a single thing. Can you please make a download link for one of the all items maps? - Fry PS. Im a huge fan of your channel Ive watched it for a long time. :)

Baby Kram: dude, there are like 37 worlds and characters on my drive with the same 2 worlds and 1 character. I got the most updated ones, but idk where to put these files so my terraria sees them. pls reply

The Rise of the Fallen Cat: HOW DO IT I DONT get it? plsssssss reply

kaifire941: This is confuzzleation

True Destiny: I think your right

True Destiny: nice

Xnyx GT: oh OK please help syn I have a csworld but I seem to can't get it on the game any idea how that happened? also please help would be happy to sub

DarkRavenant HQ: yo,so how can i get worlds

Xnyx GT: how do u get the .cs files? I made a world normal in cloud save and still no .cs thing

Dr. Gaster: Lol

Haqi The Gamers: link please

Rising moon: thats not how google drive works

Alp Eren Turgut: Please give a hacked .csworld pls!!!!!!

Sanny Gaming: where can I download csworld?

Gabriel robbins: How do u do this on apple?

Pak To Cheng: It doesn't work

Catz Dazz: thx

Suckass Mcgee: The folder for terraria does not appear

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