Mobius Final Fantasy - Tactician Job Review, Analysis, Comparison & Discussion

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Lips: ya this job s op for farming and splash magic+(buff/ debuff = gg) , i feel like i got a cheat code when i use this job lol

Axis of Evil: this job is pretty beefy in SP and MP, i paired it with aerith, minwu and pumpkin star, paired with that ultimate and auto ultimate charge. then again... 2 supremes make almost any job epic. still pretty goo tho

nhan huynh: Hmmm, the powercreep is real hehe

Matthew VanMilligen: I'm loving the latest-gen jobs. Especially with the element options. I have Bard, Tactician, and Highwind, but I'm missing Hermit (but I don't have any decent Monk cards, so no big). I'm liking Tactician for MP heal and higher level SP with those resistances.

Ayoub P: Can we expect the tactician to be in every video now for 30 days ? XD #MakeitHappen

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