UVI Emulation II review part 1 - Instruments

http://soundsandgear.com/uvi-emulation-2-80s-instrument-library-review checking out the new emulation II library from uvi soundsource, it's an old school 80's style library


Chaos Choir: VST Buzz has a sale on this for 49 euros (67% off retail price). So of course before I purchase any soft synths or patch sets, I hop on over to Joe's corner of the universe and listen to him sample the product. Another great review Joe as always and thanks to you I'll now be picking this up. Keep up the GREAT work brother!

Andrew Keegan: Does it have the patches for Genesis Tonight,Tonight,Tonight

Enrico Polanski: Does it have the classic depeche mode enjoy the silence choir?

MJ Knight: Does it have the 'Bass Voices' patch ?

Dado Simic: So goddamn good! I must buy this soon or I will die of nostalgia.Beautiful!

SoundsAndGear: I think they just don't use all the fx and let you decide. As for the dropouts I've experienced that before in the UVI workstation, but these days I usually just put the libraries inside of MachFive 3

Mike Savi: I finally purchased an ilok and got this. I'm happy with it, but I have a question for you: Why does each patch have a couple of bypassed effects on them? Of the 4 or 5 effects on a typical patch, 1 or 2 of them is always set to bypass. Are they suggesting effects or something?! Also, this thing is quite CPU intensive, and once in a while a sound will cut off abruptly. Did you experience any of that? Thanks Joe! Love your channel

SoundsAndGear: thanks for watching

Ayramz: I neeeeeeed thissssssss

SoundsAndGear: nice :)

SoundsAndGear: Haven't ran into those errors, I use Live 8 and 9, I'm on PC, have you reported it to them?

SoundsAndGear: thanks for watching, most of the time I just use these libraries in MachFive 3

SoundsAndGear: thanks for the comment

deanc2000: This vst sounds really good, and the arpeggiator on the uvi workstation is the best I've ever seen.

SoundsAndGear: yeah, guess it just depends on what you're looking for, lots of people like vintage sounds :)

samsamba08: I really liked "Dreamy Drops". This is just too expensive in my opinion...$200 for an 80's sample library is kind of over-the-top.

SoundsAndGear: @Stereokromatik From the uvi site

Riva Lima: where i can get this vsti???

dulaone: Goddamn I want this

SoundsAndGear: Not really a fan of the Arturia stuff, they sound ok but never really moved me much