How To: Install Minecrift Vive (Minecraft Mod for the HTC Vive)

EDIT: This video is out of date. Download Vivecraft here: Here is a video tutorial on how to install Automat's Minecrift mod for the HTC Vive. "This is a modified version of the Minecrift VR mod that focuses on the Vive and room scale VR. It adds a teleporting method of locomotion and tracked controller support to interact with the world. This mod uses phr00t's JOpenVR wrapper from his JMonkeyVR project. Be sure to check that out! Thanks also go to StellaArtois, Mabrowning and everyone else who worked on the Minecrift mod." Links: Minecraft: Github: JDK: Python: Add ;%JAVA_HOME%\bin to your PATH environment variable In case you have issues with this, I have the compiled .exe in this Zip here: I do not know if that installer will break/expire. Use it as a last resort. Music is from Universe Sandbox 2: You can Support me by doing the following: ●Follow me on Twitter: @SadlyItsBradley ●Follow me on Twitch: ●Support me on Patreon: Thanks for watching! #Minecraft #VirtualReality #Gaming


B1Vantage: That's absolutely crazy way to install a VR game call me when it is available on steam, I will be happy to pay for this but not in this state

Scarefullyy: ugh , now I regret buying oculus rift.

Eli Widdowfield: NICHIJOU!!!!

DUBchunk: didnt work with me

Haley Janssen: This is weird I don't know anything your saying

big fan or darth: how do i change the HUD?

ВерМишель: Vivecraft profile crashing after Mojang logo. How I can fix it?

miko gibo: the files dont show up after running the Build file

DaDC: I Do The Install And Build And No Minecrift.exe vive blah blah blah pops up.

MrKorpse: I can't find the "minecraft-1.7.10 bla bla bla.." file after I installed the "install" python file :(

Ant Bat: uploaded on my bday :)

Billy Agnew: I think I might have bungled the install - my launcher goes straight past the screen you get and asks for a log etc without letting me select. How do I even start again?

Online Businesses 4 you: I have Windows 7i cant select browse directory to Java sdk folder what do I do????

Aidan Riordan: is this hard to install? Does it take a long time?

Derp squad squad: I saw a ad with LD shadow lady!!!!

Green: You might wanna make your mic sensitivity higher, it kinda cuts out when you go quieter

Chub Yub: ( Thats a link to a Vivecraft installer. If you want forge for mods then make sure to download it first and Check the corresponding boxes after opening the installer. NOTE: Using a FRESH .Minecraft folder is best.

Chub Yub: Make sure to click that's what brings up the minecrift-1.7.10-R2b-Vive-installer

Tyler Mansmann: I cant play it! I click play and it downloads and then just does nothing! What do I do?

Alan Scott: ahhhhhh sooo close, get to the minecraft window and it has the profile, but just a quick download then nothing,......