Bitconnect Mining and Setup Tutorial

Welcome to Bitconnect This video will give you a basic understanding on how to setup an account and get started mining BCC. 6 Rig Mining Guide : Account Free to Join Here: Mining pool for BCC: Cgminer GPU to USE: Nvidia Cudaminer: Get started join up create and account and start mining many ways to earn BCC. Subscribe to my Channel Donations Welcome help support the channel and grow it. I hope my content is helping you all learn more about the future of cryptocurrency. Many Thanks for the support: BTC: 1LXNHVdhcPdRvLWogsvbA5Kpm3NKBikV7y


Daniel Grey: Guys I swear I just got free $3614_real money from

Dark_Voltz: ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mixedfuture: i cannot sign up.
it says token expired.
what goes in the space for coin address?`

Suspence Everlasting: This pool wont load or even let me login.

iReal: I have been trying to solo mine. I have received and processed a number of blocks but I have not received any coins yet. Do you know how to set things up so that I can receive the coins? Maybe I missed something.

Engr.Samuel sunday: how can i start it with my laptop window 10 please...

Bit Panther: How do you do this with a mac ?

Robert E. Romero U.: Amigo podrías aclararme una duda, para comenzar a minar bitconnect coin debo hacer una inversión?

Reveal213: I have two Antminer L3+.. Can I use them here and is it still worth it? It says only 70 miners are hashing on the website. thx

JohnC CVA: bitcoin cash?? you mean bitconnect coin...

Rikiko: Available Coin: 615,002 REC

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Hikaru Shindou: Hi, I'm interested in BCC and did the configuration but received an error:

[2017-09-03 06:54:24] Started cgminer 3.7.2
[2017-09-03 06:54:24] Start cgminer with -T to see what failed to load.
[2017-09-03 06:54:25] Probing for an alive pool
[2017-09-03 06:54:26] Pool 1 difficulty changed to 8192
[2017-09-03 06:54:26] Pool 2 difficulty changed to 8192
[2017-09-03 06:54:26] Pool 3 difficulty changed to 8192
[2017-09-03 06:54:26] Pool 4 difficulty changed to 8192
[2017-09-03 06:54:26] Pool 1 difficulty changed to 256
[2017-09-03 06:54:26] Switching to pool 1 stratum+tcp:// - first alive pool
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Pool 2 difficulty changed to 256
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Pool 3 difficulty changed to 256
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Pool 4 difficulty changed to 2048
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Maximum buffer memory device 0 supports says 390280806
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Your scrypt settings come to 536870912
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Error -61: clCreateBuffer (padbuffer8), decrease TC or increase LG
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Restarting the GPU from the menu will not fix this.
[2017-09-03 06:54:27] Try restarting cgminer.
Press enter to continue:

What does it mean?

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