Tech One Sport Popwing Review

Get your Sportwing Here: ARF: KIT: The all new Techone SportWing is a thick EPP Delta wing plane with a wingspan of 35". This plane beckons you to fly fast and low! The large aileron and wingtips enables for very quick response and superb handling. The new vertical fins help generate much more stability decreasing high speed wobble and enables the plane to track exceptionally well. The plane comes pre-painted and assembly only take a few hours. The wood motor mount guarantees thrust to be true. The Thick EPP helps absorb damage, just in case you thought that tree was farther away then you expected. The SportWing comes mostly built for you. The control surfaces are already hinged, the motor is already installed and the servo slots are pre-cut. This is the ultimate second stage beginner plane. This plane is really smooth and easy to fly but still has enough power for it to get away from you if you let it. Specification: Fuselage length: 485MM Wingspan: 900MM Flying Weight: 355g ( with battery ) motor: AS2208 KV1370 Brushless ESC: 20 Amp Servo: 8g*2pcs Propeller:7*5 Required to Fly: Minimum 4 Channel Radio Battery: 1800-2500mAh 11.1v lipo 25C Charger capable of li-po charging Build Materials (CA Glue, Ruler, Hobby Knife, etc)



honest review: Hi i want to buy one - do i need to buy anything additional from the link below

I mean is the radio included?

Jeff Douglas: When will these be back in stock? Kit Version. after seeing mine fly everyone else I fly with has been trying to get one.

John Blanor: Unfortunately, I was never able to get this wing to fly. Crashed upon launch everytime.

pictureman58: when it say's Propeller:7*5, is there a difference between pusher props or tractor props?

Jason Barton: What field is this?

ZXZE: Does the glider has the flap mechanism?

sladelefty: Most adverbs end in ly , such as this plane flys amazingly and not this plane flys amazing. Cool review otherwise.

tjrosenberry: Cool bronoculars. I'm sory I had to.

Jasonhayz42: I heard you say that you used a 1300mah 3s for 8-10 min flights, and in this video you went up to a 1600mah.  I see the reccomended bettery is a 3s 1800-2500mah lipo.  What is the BEST lipo for the plane? I hope its a 1500mah because i have a million of those but also i have some 2200s.  I guess im looking for a balance of performance and flight time (also a balanced COG). I dont need the biggest battery possible just what works best with this plane.  Will the 2200mah fit inside of the wood battery bay? Thanks in advance I just received my Popwing sport!

Bobby BASSHEAD: O.m.g Pete you still ALIVE. cool

Kevys Rc & Music: cool

startazz: The focus is terrible in this video and needed to be done better IMHO,also at the start you say it's EPO and then later on say it's EPP,i'm guessing it's EPP but to someone juts getting into the hobby might not know the difference,just saying. 

Experiments and Others: 5