Shotbow Annihilation Map [Mushroom Cove]

Over the last 2 weeks I have decided to build on annihilation map because I felt like there was not enough good maps to play atm so this is the trailer to the map I built. Hope you all enjoy special thanks to sup3rbad and tosamon for help. Btw make sure you check out the shot-bow post it helps a lot. Shaders: Rudo Plays Song: Steampowered By Approaching Nirvana Shotbow Post: Dont Forget To Leave A Like And Subscribe


JuanFerGamer - #ElJuanFer: Please Give me a download link :3

xXFrenzy4GamesXx: Much Water, Much Iceman, Much Wow

N0T Original: This is my new favorite submission! I really hope its gets added.

maciek waszczuk: The submittion has to be done with default resource pack. Anyways, nice map! :)

Dan ver: Nice annihilation map