1 Tick Prayer Flicking Guide

OPEN DESCRIPTION ON - Double click every game tick - OFF Watch attack animations (yours or whatever you are fighting) Can change quick prayers without clicking "done" hope it helps Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/Zulu Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZuluOnly


rubixcubesolve: I'm double clicking each time cannon moves and I hear the sound, but my prayer still turns off randomly. Is my computer/ internet connection not fast enough to keep up with 1-ticking?

ray windhelm: wtf i got banned how???

Luke Dumoulin: Nice guide overall but for someone like me I’d love to have more information on the timings and where you got your findings it might just be me but I enjoy sometimes taking a bit of a deeper dive into things like this to try things for myself it keeps the game fresh for me

Archeon 1: This is the weirdest drum tutorial I've ever watched

Junior E: Amazing guide !

Will: PSA runelite has a 1 tick prayer flicking feature, helped me personally

VipGuest MSA: Havent done it many times,but when I try, maybe cause i cant focus enough, it in like 15-20 sec I mess up whit the double click timming and leave the prayer in off. When this happens I get discoordinated and takes a couple secs before i can get it back on working properly. This could be fatal in a combat scenario since im vunerable in that time... btw I get really good ping, the problem is really mine.

Joe K: So sometimes when im doing this I click and the prayer is activated, deactivated, then activated again really fast and it throws off my flicking. Is this a mouse issue? internet? computer? or do i just suck lol

NOICE: u didnt even need to talk to make this guide, just let listen to ur mouse

Darrick 477: Really helpful thanks man :)

James DiBella: if you are having trouble with gamesounds I recommend using the metronome I just started learning 1t flicking and before i was offtick now i am getting the hang of it

BabyJay: Kkona klap

Picklir F2P: Happy ragging!

Sus カ゚ち: This is nearly fucking impossible to learn. Ive been going at this for over a fucking hour and the best Ive gotten is 12 seconds.

Sloth Man: australian worlds are fucking garbage i cant even do it

GnarlyStoned420: Ty homie. For some reason I could never do this right. Until now. Thanks homie

Turtle Frow: Jesus, look at all those pets!

gfgfjjfgjfkfjgj: clicking when you hear them activate is bs tho, it has to be slightly after that or before.

Lobster Cation: How do you breath while focusing :S

Tyler Baraby: I love how Jagex doesn't care to fix stupid shit like this. It's just accepted that if you want to do well, you need to break the system.