G29 Setup for Farming Simulator 15

I searched and found a post from Maxximuss that told those with a G29 how to use the wheel with Farming Simulator 15. The only video found was in German so I decided to make a video showing the steps needed to take so the wheel works correctly. The issue is that the wheel and/or peddles do not respond in game. This setup should work for the G920 as well seeing it's the sister wheel to the G29. As for anyone having issues with the G27,I don't see why this wouldn't work but I do not have a G27 to test so I honestly can't say. This first link goes to the Logitech site where Maxximuss first found the programs needed to be used. He has recently updated his first post to include this setup that you see here. https://forums.logitech.com/t5/Logitech-G-Controllers/G29-amp-G920-owners-read-this-how-to-make-wheel-work-in-most/td-p/1488096 This second link takes you to the YouTube video that will show you some details on where to install and what to do while there. It's the main reason why I made this video because that video is in German. https://youtu.be/kh3lM_bmalo This final link will take you to the page that has the program you need to install. Just pick the link that has matches your system (32 or 64 bit). http://www.emutopia.com/index.php/downloads-emulators/item/240-gamepads/541-x360ce After following what I show in the video,Just set up the controls to your liking and you should be good to go!


InsertUsernameHere: Oh right okay cool, how well does the Force Feedback work with the emulator? For example can I feel the terrain and if I drive slow is it easier to turn as opposed to when I drive faster? Thanks :)

InsertUsernameHere: Does this also work with Farming Simulator 17 with the Logitech G29? i can't see any videos explaing it properly ? thanks :)

장영수: G29 shall apply.
But how do brakes and excel move like this?

MainOnly MidDK: The following link won't work for me https://forums.logitech.com/t5/Logitech-G-Controllers/G29-amp-G920-owners-read-this-how-to-make-wheel-work-in-most/td-p/1488096 It just send me to the logitech communty

dan up: My G920 pedals don't work with FS17, but perfect with 15. Do you know anything on how to solve this? Thanks

lollywoodproduction1: i can play the game without programs but the ffb motors stay on so its very hard to steer how can i disable the motors

Dan-jc84: hey logitechs added a farm sim 15 profile to lgs so no need for extra programs

Martin53: Hello
this is a very good video
But, tell me how you as the following functions have placed on the g29.
the cat 980N
perhaps with a video
thank you

Luc Jansen: Als ik FS15 beginnen, en klik vervolgens op de startknop. if i the steering wheel turn around. than walk and drive right backwards.

Darius Wright: How much did your G29 cost?

Nicks Boneyard: Thanks this works great I had to go back into Farmsim 2015 and save setting to get the gas and brake pedal to work. I'm using Win 7 64 bit. I only have the G29 connected so I did not have to delete the files you showed in video. I also watched the German video but your video helped very much. The G29 wheel was a replacement for a failed G27. So thanks again