CNC Cabriole leg

Making a cabriole leg or Queen Anne leg on a 3 axis CNC machine. This is a proof-of-concept experiment to see if it can be done. The CNC machine used is a shop built KRMx02 based on the plans from Kronos Robotics. CAD and CAM software used is Fusion 360.


Wicked Wood: I was thinking,.... You can bandsaw off 80%.... Then I saw you did that. I assume this would speed up actual machining time exponentially. Could you have the software, jump forward and begin the roughing where you left off with the bandsaw or does the whole program need to run? Thanks for the video, good stuff.

mark scheiner: Really kind of you Richard. Much appreciated. Will definitely check the model out. Didn’t even know there was a variable radius fillet ability so learnt something already. Thanks

mark scheiner: Really interesting video Richard. Exactly what I was searching for. Looking to model up a contemporary “cabriole” leg in Fusion. I wonder whether you’d share your fusion workflow for turning the sketch into the 3D model. Would be very interested in seeing an efficient way to do that. Many thanks