rekordbox dj - Introduction

Introduction to Pioneer DJ's rekordbox dj performance software and DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX controllers.


Jr. Neves: Hello.
1) How to solve latency problem with the RB controller in Rekordbox? Which audio setting to use?
2) How could I connect a launchpad in Rekordbox?
Thank you.

bug club: Does this work for the ddj sb2?

TheUncleBenji: 3 things that hold me back switching to rekordbox dj from serato:

i want an option to put the waveforms below the platters, thats what iam used to in serato

if i reduce the bass, the waveform changes the color in serato. why not in rekordbox?

the price: yes, future hardware comes with a license, but i paid alot of money for my rane hardware AND my pioneer hardware. 300€ are way too much for me. at least with old pioneer controllers there should be a discount.

DutchFatBoys: QUESTION!: I just got a new laptop. Can I transfer my Rekordbox from my old laptop to my new one?

royalpony5300: there are times when I use the effects the program will clip (cuts off audio for 2-3 sec.) how can I did this? I use a Mac Pro 13.

DJ OQUENDO: pero les sigue ganando serato es mejor que vuelva con serato amigos

Mattia Colella: D1ma Deep - Life Line (Original Mix)

Beatter Beatbox: i bought a rx on the black friday, i come from a Pioneer ddj t1 and i think the rx dont have too much sensibility on the jogs, there are any option to incress the jog sensibility? (i see a jog sensibility option on the rekordbox configuration but it seems that the difference is not to much)

STAMPE STUDIO Production: what is the name of the song?

Shawn Waldrop: Have a DDJ-SB2 and love it. I know it was designed for Serato. I'm with a couple others: It should have been included. After all, I've spent my money on a Pioneer controller.

Then again, I don't use Serato, either. Just too much clutter on the screen for me. djay Pro works seamlessly with the SB2, and my Macbook Pro

Dj CashMoney 767: hey.. is there a way to see.. tracks u have already played in this software.. so that u dont repeat a track?

DJ Michael Harris: does anyone know how to reset played tracks , so that the green is set back to white text? thanks!

DOSS: Why this is not working for my Pioneer Ergo, in a windows 10 ?

simon prieto: what music used in this video ?

Jack Valentino: Do the beat matching like sers to dj plz?

Tetuo LPS: music of this video ? please :o

djsoloquest: Why don't you guys make it free for your loyal customer. That's spent like $2000 on a ddj sz and $1000 on a ddj sx controller.

Сергей Бобылев: Что за трек?

Junior Pops: support for SB 2 please

DJ ARI-G: Is Rekordbox for only Pioneer sets?